• Dr. Rachel has helped me transform my health & wellbeing!

    I have been a patient of Dr. Rachel’s for 10 years. She provided excellent whole-person care, managed my health conditions, and has helped me get and stay healthy! Additionally, she helped me reduce stress and learn how to better cope with stress. -Richard

  • Weight loss and overall health

    Taking Dr. Rachel’s program has been the best thing I’ve ever decided to do for myself. Not only is she very talented and skilled in wellness, but she’s also one of the kindest and most generous professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s extremely giving when it comes to her time as well as emotional support. She genuinely cares about the people that she helps to achieve their goals and gives it everything she’s got to make sure you do what you need to do, but that you do it in a healthy and safe way. Dr. Rachel is not only a wonderful teacher, but she is also a great motivator. I lost 93 lbs. using her program! I could never dream of a better person to help me become the person I want to be, and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life, which is about how long I hope to be able to continue to work with her. -Rebekah

  • Chronic Disease Management

    Working with Dr. Rachel in the management of my disease has been super helpful. I finally had someone to look at the whole picture, listen to my feelings and needs and guide me in a whole person approach. She helped me get to the root of my symptoms and disease and I was able to make changes that really helped! – Emily

  • Mental Health Support

    Working with Dr. Rachel for my depression and anxiety has changed my life. I no longer experience symptoms and feel balanced and able to live my best life. Thanks, Dr. Rachel – K.D.


  • A game changer!

    Dr. Rachel is motivating, supportive and helpful. She really listens and knows what she’s talking about. She is truly amazing. -Wendy M.


  • I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rachel!

    I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rachel to anyone who wants to get in shape (in all areas of life and self, mind, body, heart & spirit) you grow, lose weight, and feel great, it is a very positive experience! The combination of total wellness, good nutrition, and spiritual health creates very positive results: You look and feel much better! Dr. Rachel’s holistic approach to wellness transforms your mind, body, and soul! Her care produces results I lost 20 pounds! -P.O.


  • Hormone Savior!

    I had the worst PMS, exhaustion, mood swings, cravings, and other issues around my hormones and women’s health issues. Dr. Rachel helped me balance my hormones and experience a level of balance and freedom from symptoms that I had never dreamt was possible! – Dawn G.


  • Professional Athlete

    As a WBFF Professional athlete, I need my health and wellness to be exactly correct for my body pretty much all the time. Dr. Rachel has been guiding me through my nutrition, health & wellness for close to four years now, and I will always have her as my first choice! She’s helped me optimize my health and win both state and international championships – she is the best! – Alison B.

Welcome to your journey to transform your health and wellbeing!

Let’s get to the root cause of your health and wellbeing issues.

Dr. Rachel provides the support and expert guidance you need to get and stay healthy all within one online platform!  With 2 different health membership options get a customized plan to support you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals.
  • Dr. Rachel’s health and wellness platform offers a definitive path to health under one virtual roof by delivering wellness expert information on an easy-to-use platform and app.

    • “My Plan” Personalized and Individualized User Page
    • Platform Customizes to User Goals & Needs
    • Customized Online Workout Plans, Nutrition, Education, and More
    • One-on-One Coaching & Healthcare Connection
    • Health Risk Assessment Testing (Evaluation & Reporting)
    • Goal-Oriented Fitness Challenges
    • Personal Health Records
    • Health data tracking
    • 3D Weight Loss (Before & After Morphing App.)
    • Wearable integration: FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Heartmath, and MyZone (Others coming soon)
    • Corporate Wellness tools
    • Disease Management
    • Blood Panel & Genetic / DNA testing / Integration
    • Programs & Classes
  • Dr. Rachel’s platform continues to be unique to each user in the Nutrition offering. Dr. Rachel has created over 3,600 meals in many different ethnicities, and protein sources to allow our users to select the flavors and spices they enjoy in health-based recipes.

    Dr. Rachel provides customized meals that you will enjoy (as much as your body will)

    • DNA-based Nutrition: If Client has DNA test completed – ONLY the exact plan that matches their genetic profile will show up in their account
    • Diabetic – Supports a healthy blood glucose response
    • Ketogenic – High Fat/Low Carb plan that forces the body to burn fat instead of carbs
    • Paleo – Based mainly on foods we could hunt or gather in the Paleolithic days
    • Low Carb – A plan restricting complex carbs and sugars for weight loss & health
    • Zone – A lower Carb plan created by Barry Sears to promote weight loss
    • Athletic Performance – Higher Protein to support lean body mass & recovery
    • Gluten-Free – For those that have a gluten intolerance or choose to eat a gluten-free diet
    • Vegan and Vegetarian – For those who are plant-based only or plant-focused
  • Dr. Rachel’s workout plans are customized to YOUR body’s needs. No matter if you are a beginner, recovering from an injury, or an advanced fitness enthusiast you will be able to meet your needs and achieve your fitness goals.

    • Home and in-gym workout programs
    • Equipment centric workouts
    • Yoga & Pilates videos
    • Athletic performance workouts (with built-in periodization schedule)
    • 3 Strength tests to project weights for all equipment
    • Demonstration videos & instructions for proper alignment
  • Body Transformation – See It! Achieve It! This unique proprietary platform allows you to see into the future and know what date you can realistically achieve your desired goals in a healthy and balanced way.

    • Dr. Rachel knows appearance and physical goals are a high priority. This feature helps motivate you and track your progress
    • If you increase activity levels the goal date dynamically reduces accordingly
    • We break the process into 4 manageable phases
  • Dr. Rachel’s on-demand classes provide you with the guidance you need to optimize your health and wellbeing. Dr. Rachel’s on-demand programs are designed to guide you towards achieving your goals and equip you with the resources to do so.


    • Yoga, Bootcamps, Functional Fitness, Mindfulness, Healthy Cooking, Health Education, Meditation, Natural & Alternative Health, Preventative Health, Emotional Wellbeing, and more!


    • Stress Management & Stress Reduction Program
    • 12-Week Life Transformation Program
    • Finding Your Purpose Program
    • Balanced Nutrition Program 
    • Mindfulness Program
    • 4-Week Whole Person Cleanse Program
    • Fitness Program
    • Best Life Program
    • And more!
  • Knowing what is next is critical for your success! Our machine learning AI pushes out information and suggestions based on the individual’s needs…

    • Article & Video information supplied by many industry experts
    • Built-in quiz capability to assure the knowledge is learned (optional)
    • Automatically identify topics needed for users from Assessments (Bloodwork, DNA testing, Online Health Risk Assessment, etc.)
    • User-centric personal preferences to receive articles they are interested in
    • Community news
    • Chronic disease courses
    • Mindfulness education including Tools & Techniques
    • Daily inspiration messages
    • Recommended classes and programs to optimize health
BASIC MEMBERSHIP $39.99/per month
Your Online Wellness + Health App Membership will provide you with a customized pathway to getting and staying healthy, optimizing your overall wellbeing, help you optimize your health and avoid future health breakdowns by getting to the root of the things that cause un-wellness. Your custom pathway will take into account your unique health needs and give you the support, guidance, education and daily actionable steps to modify your lifestyle in a balanced and achievable way!
Your membership includes:
• On-demand health education, wellness classes and integrative health programs such as my 12-Week Transformation, Stress Management, Mindfulness & Finding Your Purpose programs
• On-demand fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and stress reduction classes
• Customized workout and fitness plans
• Goal setting and tacking
• Customized meal plans and recipes
• Health data tracking
• Wearable integration
• Support and digital guidance in modifying lifestyle risk factors
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• Receive everything in the basic membership listed above PLUS –
• Online assessment review
• 45-minute intake session via Telehealth to discover your needs and review health concerns
• Unlimited messaging with Dr. Rachel for ongoing support and questions
• 30-minute follow up sessions every 3-months via Telehealth to review your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan
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