I recently sat down (virtually) with the amazing Ali Landry to talk about common issues many women are facing in their health and lives, including the ones that Ali herself faces. We dove deep into natural approaches at both bringing support and healing around those issues. We talked about everything from hormones, stress, sleep and even chronic pain as well as many natural approaches to resolving them. If you missed our video conversation, you can watch the replay of it HERE.


Here are a few more general take-aways from our chat…


Honoring The Chapter, You Are In


We are facing stressors and life challenges that we collectively have never before faced. Every time we turn on the news we are inundated with stressful messages and images. Many of us are facing loss, transitions and increases of stress and anxiety due to the pandemic and state of the world.


I have had so many of my patients and also people reach out to me on social media expressing frustration that they don’t seem to either have the energy for the level of self-care that they used to or that they are unable to take effective actions to move their health and wellbeing forward in positive ways. The overall feeling many people have expressed is feeling the need to need to ‘force themselves’ forward.


Right now, is a time when we are grieving and processing. During this time, we need to honor where we are, honor the season or chapter that we are in, while also taking balanced actions that feel HELPFUL.


Start With Balance


Balance leads to wellness and increases our wellbeing. The issue right now is that what was a balanced approach before may no longer be balanced during this time. We must shift our expectations and our plans to honor where we are while also discovering what our new normal will look like, and what balance looks during these times. Start with some self-discovery and most importantly, listening to your own body, heart, emotions and spirit.


Where To Begin


I often ask my patients, ‘If you could change one thing that would have the biggest positive impact on all of the other challenges you are facing, which thing would that be?’. That is often the answer for the best place to start, otherwise it can become overwhelming and even confusing. This is where working with a good natural, holistic or functional doctor can be hugely beneficial.



Get To The Root


Here is the west we are taught from an early age to treat symptoms versus root causes. Often the solutions include ONLY suppressing the symptoms or things that feel uncomfortable. We reach for a quick fix or a pill. While I definitely think it is important to treat symptoms, I believe that the symptoms we experience in our mind, body and emotions are feedback. If we simply suppress the feedback without ALSO addressing the root issue, we are unable to create (or sustain) positive changes in our health and wellbeing. It is important to listen to the feedback from our body, mind, emotions and even spirit and then work on resolving the root or core issue from the inside-out while also addressing the symptoms from the outside-in.


Supplements Are Supplementation


Supplements are to support needs that the body has such as daily vitamins and minerals that we are unable to get enough of through our food sources. Supplements that consist of specific herbs, vitamins and minerals that are geared towards naturally treating or supporting health conditions can feel overwhelming for many people. There are so many different ones on the market and you can often feel (based on their descriptions) that you need them ALL. Remember I mentioned starting with one specific focus? I believe it is important to have a balanced approach to your supportive supplements as well instead of overwhelming your system with a ton of different supplements. Focusing on the issue that when resolving it will have the largest positive impact on other issues or areas is key. It is also very beneficial to work with a natural or functional focused healthcare provider to ensure the proper supplements for your health needs.


A few of the health issues that Ali and I dove deeper into within our chat were –


  • Hormone imbalances, symptoms and solutions
  • Sleep hygiene and its importance as well as ways to achieve better sleep cycles
  • Stress
  • Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain


For detailed information, solutions and recommendations please be sure to watch this video as we do discuss much detail about the above issues. Again, you can view the video HERE.


Within these conversations I mentioned a few supplements. Below are links to those:


  • Stress Master & Sleep Master by Nupeutics Naturals



  • Evening Primrose Oil



  • L-Theanine



  • Magnesium Powder (mix with warm water)