…You NEED to know this!

Did you know that most tampons are filled with toxic and even dangerous materials such as:
  • Non-organic cotton
  • Fragrance
  • Chlorine
  • BPA
  • Dioxin (chemical is a result of chlorine processing)
What does this mean?
Organic cotton tampons may lower the risk of TSS. Organic feminine products are free of synthetic elements and potentially-harmful ingredients, so they carry a much lower risk of toxic shock syndrome. This is because organic cotton tampons won’t have elements that increase your risk of bacteria and other infections. Previous testing of tampons have found pesticide residue, parabens and phthalates linked to hormone disruption, antibacterial chemicals like triclosan, and various carcinogens including styrene and chloroform… and as we now know carcinogens have been linked to some forms of cancer development.
Bottom line? Time to make the switch to organic.
My personal fav’s are:
  1. Lola (absolutely the best & what I use)
  2. Seventh Generation
  3. O.B. Organic Tampons
  4. Veeda
Do your research and make sure you read ALL of the ingredients used in organic tampons. Just because they use the words ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on the box doesn’t always mean there aren’t toxic elements or ingredients. If the ingredients aren’t listed, call the company directly and ask!