Do you ever feel like maintaining your health and emotional wellbeing is a full time job? So often I hear from patients that they have numerous health and wellness apps, a plethora of expensive wellness products, memberships to gyms and or online fitness and yoga classes, numerous expensive sessions with practitioners and doctors, hours of blog researching, reading and resource collection all just to move forward on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness!

With the power of the digital age and powerful digital resources such as my whole person health platform and memberships, you can get and stay healthy all within one platform and app! Everything you need is at your fingertips..

The Dr. Rachel Online Wellness + Health App Membership will provide you with a customized pathway to getting and staying healthy, optimizing your overall wellbeing, help you optimize your health and avoid future health breakdowns by getting to the root of the things that cause un-wellness. Your custom pathway will take into account your unique health needs and give you the support, guidance, education and daily actionable steps to modify your lifestyle in a balanced and achievable way!

Your membership includes:

• On-demand health education, wellness classes and integrative health programs such as my 12-Week Transformation, Stress Management, Mindfulness & Finding Your Purpose programs
• On-demand fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and stress reduction classes
• Customized workout and fitness plans
• Goal setting and tacking
• Customized meal plans and recipes
• Health data tracking
• Wearable integration
• Support and digital guidance in modifying lifestyle risk factors

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