There are so many roads a person can take to get and stay healthy. However all of them require our participation. The days of simply following a doctors orders are long gone.

To truly optimize health outcomes each of us has to fully participate in our healing journey. This means changing lifestyle factors that lead to a lack of balance or un-wellness, doing our own research, asking questions of experts, taking all practitioners & experts advice as feedback and then making our own empowered & educated choices.

My favorite approach is to take gems from each of the categories below and apply them to see what works best for you. A truly holistic approach takes into account the whole person (mind, body, heart & spirit) and takes into account the wisdom available from all of these supportive health categories:

1. Lifestyle medicine (focuses on creating healthy habits that positively impact & heal such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, etc.)
2. Functional & natural medicine (focuses on the whole person, getting to the root cause and treating the person through a variety of natural approaches)
3. Traditional western medicine (focuses on diagnostic lab work, pharmaceuticals & surgery)
4. Integrative wellness & medicine (also focuses on the whole person and integrates in aspects of many of the others to custom create a solution)
5. Emotional & mental health (focuses on diagnosing & treating mental & emotional issues, however it is also powerful for optimizing emotional & mental wellbeing)
6. Complimentary & alternative (focuses on alternative or complimentary healing techniques such as energy work, hypnosis, accupuncture, Ayervdic practices & many more)

🙏🏼 be empowered to explore and find what is best for your body.
💛 – Dr. Rachel