Letting Go of Labels
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs About Yourself
25-Minute Class

Everyone has both conscious and unconscious labels and definitions of themselves that they have agreed with and put into action. These labels both limit us, block us from our full potential and affect all areas of our lives negatively.

Your life and how you show up in the world are a direct reflection of the story you have created about your life and who you are. But what if it were possible to change that story? What if you could rewrite your story of failure, into a story of discovery? It is possible. Letting Go of Labels is a powerful class that helps you to have a paradigm shift, bring limiting labels and definitions about yourself and your life to the surface. In this class, I demonstrate the power of living a life free of self-defeating labels. We are the author of our own lives, and with this 25-minute class, you will be equipped with the a new frame of mind and approach to beginning your journey to the benefits of living a label-free life.

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