Journey to remove blocks and create your best life.
12-Week Program

No one wants a mediocre life. Are you ready to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of? Have you experienced a major life change or are you ready to make a major life change? Maybe you want to move towards a better life but you aren’t sure how to get there. Now you can learn how.

I created Transform a 12-week program to guide you on a journey to clear blocks in every area of your life and get tools to create the life you want. Using the techniques that I have applied in my private coaching practice and taught to many Integrative Life Coaches, I help people transform their lives. I will guide you on the path to free yourself from blocks, create balance and wholeness, and take effective actions to achieve your goals and dreams.

In 12 weeks you will:
• Learn how to find balance in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems to achieve wholeness.
• Clarify what you want for your life by tapping into your authentic self.
• Learn to identify habits and patterns that are keeping you from your best life.
• Remove roadblocks and overcome past limitations.
• Create an action plan to achieve the life you want.

Included in the course are downloadable exercises and classes, a deep dive into The Holistic Life Model, ‘Inside-Out and Outside-In’ approach to growth and the integrative wellness toolkit. Then 12 weekly classes with homework and exercises to help you transform your life.

You can have it all. Your new life of balance and joy begins today. Transform is a powerful companion guide to help you do the work and journey to a life of purpose and deep satisfaction.

View all of Lessons 1-3 and do as many of the self-discovery assignments within before beginning week 1. Do as much as you can each week. Go in order. Some weeks have more content and less assignments and some have more assignments and less content. Again, do what you can. You can always finish an assignment from week 3 during week 4. Please do not skip or rush ahead, it is fine to take longer then the 12 weeks to complete this program but you DO NOT want to finish faster. If you finish one weeks content and assignments early, spend some time journaling instead of moving on to week 2. It is important to allow yourself time to reflect and ‘sit with’ the lessons and information in order to obtain the best results.

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Course Materials

You will need a journal or notebook, your computer, internet connection, adobe acrobat or pdf reader, internet browser and a little time set aside daily to work on the materials and view the classes.