Meditation (listening) and prayer (talking) are two powerful ways to grow your spiritual life! Many times we do not notice growth because it happens slowly over time. Creating a meditation and prayer journal is a wonderful tool for both growing your spiritual life as well as following the progress of your spiritual growth.

Here is a simple structure you can follow for your daily mediations and prayers, then add some thoughts into your journal about what you experienced during meditation and also what prayers were on your heart.

Important to note, pray to the God you believe in and if you don’t believe in God you can still pray. Direct your prayers to the universe, to energy, or even simply to ‘all that is love’. Growing your spiritual life is an incredibly important part of a harmonious and healthy life. Seek, grow and expand. Start where you are.


Spend 5-10-15 (increase time this week) minutes sitting silently, following your breath (breathing in and out through the nose, tracking the breath into my nasal passages, down my throat, into your lungs, all the way down into your belly, and then followed it through the exhale. Repeating this and quieting the mind).

As thoughts came into your  mind, I did not get into a relationship or judge them. Lovingly acknowledged them and let them go. Bring your hearts focus onto God or love or something that feels peaceful and beautiful to you. Sit and actively LISTEN, and BE STILL. After 5-10-15 minutes of this begin to pray or talk to God.

In your journal write on the following:

In doing this prayer and meditation today I experienced, learned, experienced and felt:


photo by Rory MacLeod