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photo credit Ian Burt

We become people who meditate one meditation at a time over time.

If prayer is talking then meditation could be called listening. Another way I like to describe meditation is ‘marinating’ on something or marinating on nothing. Those of you who cook may have an understanding of this, especially when it comes to grilling steaks (for any vegetarians…I am not sorry, it’s an effective example so please try to relate in).

Say you are grilling a steak, most people will marinate the meat or let it sit submerged in something for a predetermined period of time in order that the meat will soak up as much of the marinade as possible (for flavor). Fully marinating and submerging meat in the marinade causes an environment where the meat can fully soak in the marinade into every part of the meat…even all the way into the center. Why? So the steak can become, be transformed into the best and most flavorful version of itself.

Do you get the analogy? Sweet!

When we meditate we are marinating and we learn to let go and be present to the meditation we begin fully soaking peace into every part of us…so that it truly merges with our flesh and becomes one. That gives us flavor!

Meditation can begin and remain very simple. You can choose to follow along with a ‘guided meditation’ or close your eyes, empty your mind and simple focus on your breath or choose a focus on ‘love and light’ or God or anything else that feels right to you.

Here are a few simple steps for ‘how to get started’ in meditating.


Begin with a realistic goal, maybe 2-5 minutes of still quiet time. You can build up from there but set a realistic goal to begin with.


Create a quiet space and time for you to meditate… even going into your bathroom, closing the door and sitting on the floor if necessary (those of you with young kids can probably relate to that option). You will need an uninterrupted quiet space for your meditation.


Sit quietly and as distracting thoughts come to your mind make a conscious choice not to get into a relationship with those thoughts. A relationship with thoughts simply means repeating the thoughts over and over in your mind. Instead of allowing your thought life to run round and round like a hamster on a wheel you can focus your attention on your breath, an inspirational quote, or even on the feeling of LOVE. The point here is to BE and BE STILL!

Start small, with love, non-judgement and patience! It’s okay if you don’t love it at first. It’s okay if you do. Just try to begin a daily practice. If you forget one day or get off course for a bit try not to beat yourself up, instead choose to jump back on the path and try again.

We become people who meditate one meditation at a time over time.