photo credit James Jordan

For much of my life I was either ALL IN or ALL OUT! I swung far left then far right when it came to just about everything. Not only was this pattern unhealthy for me and limited my success in true forward movement and achieving my goals, but it was also very frustrating!

How do we get over an all or nothing mentality? Here is a simple paradigm shift that changed my patterns and life:

All things in balance!

When all things in your life are done in a balanced way or in a way that brings harmony, the results bring positive development, success with goals and permanent change to patterns.

Instead of choosing to approach your goal with an attitude or expectation of ‘I must do absolutely ALL of this now’, or ‘I must do this perfectly or it’s pointless’…
CHOOSE to approach it with balance, one step at a time and celebrating progress versus demanding perfection.

I promise you will see happier and better results with this mind set!

Have a balanced day!