Kindness is both an art form to be mastered as well as a solution for most of our moods. Kindness changes the world in many powerful ways both big and small. One of the most powerful changes that it makes is in our own attitude. You may have heard ‘it is impossible to be miserable when you are grateful’…? Well I believe IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE UNHAPPY WHEN YOU ARE GIVING KINDNESS TO OTHERS.

So be generous to others, even that annoying person at work, a stranger in line or that cranky guy in traffic. Be kind and it will bless both their day and yours.

Here is a very simple wellness coaching tool I call ‘finding the beauty in others’ that I use in my book Total Transformation to help people transform their lives.


Finding The Beauty In Others

Today I noticed ________________________________________________________about

_____________________________(someone), and I thought


so I shared with the person the following words ___________________________________________________________________________


Example: You have beautiful eyes!

It seems simple and it is, but sharing kindness is hugely impactful! Try this out today and see what giving kindness to others adds to their lives and to yours.

photo by Tom