We have all heard of cleanses and detox programs for the body. But what about our emotions??? Yes, our heart can become highly toxic and effect not only our emotional and mental wellbeing and health, it can have a massive negative impact on our physical and spiritual health as well.

First, it is important to understand what is toxic to the heart (emotional system; emotions, relationships with self and others). Here are a few:

  • Heavy metals and toxins – yes these create toxicity that impacts our emotions!
  • Stress (mental, physical & emotional stress)
  • Stuck or unprocessed negative emotions (such as anger, resentment, fear, guilt & shame)

How these toxic things effect the the heart (emotional system; emotions, relationships with self and others) –

  • Negative and toxic emotions and relationships (with yourself and with others) impact emotional, mental and physical health significantly! They even change your body Ph. level and the ability to digest and absorb nutrients properly
  • Can trigger negative DNA markers
  • Decreases immune system function
  • Can (when emotions are suppressed or stored long-term) lead to diseases such as cancer and heart conditions
  • Impact your ability to speak your truth in a kind and loving way, as well as to create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Decrease the brains ability to remain emotionally balanced
  • Decrease the ability to react appropriately
  • Decreases your ability to show up for yourself and others at your best
  • Gut issues

Detoxing and cleansing the the heart (emotional system; emotions, relationships with self and others) requires both an outside-in approach AND an inside-out approach simultaneously!

Outside-in detoxing requires behavior changes in HOW you react outwardly to negative emotions, releasing negative emotions (or clearing them), supplements and nutritional changes to eliminate toxins and also new, healthier choices as well as honoring your boundaries through action.

Inside-out emotional detoxing requires learning new tools (and applying them) to increase balance in your thought life, resolving core emotional issues, changing HOW you process emotions & forgiveness.

What are some of the benefits that you can experience after detoxing and cleansing the heart (emotional system; emotions, relationships with self and others) –

  • More fulfilling & harmonious relationships with self and others
  • Optimized immune system
  • A more balanced emotional life
  • Decrease in depression & anxiety symptoms
  • Ability to respond to negative emotions in a healthier way
  • More joy!

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